Fire Station Software Testimonials

What do our customers have to say?

Our goal is to make you a raving fan of our company, so that you will tell your friends and neighboring departments about us. In addition, we hope that one day you will share your own Fire Station Software testimonials.

Fire Station has been an asset to our department, so it is an easy answer when the other departments ask what our preferred software is. Keep up the good work!

Stephen Wood

Firefighter, Curry Volunteer Fire & Rescue, AL

You are unbelievable!!!!! Thank you again for everything and I am so impressed with the willingness to help us and go above and beyond!  This is one of the best investments this department has ever had!!!

Bridget Henson

Administrative Assistant, Station 81, Tuolumne Rancheria Fire Department, CA

I wanted to thank you for having such quick responses to our department, and also for your patience with us while deciding on purchasing your program. I have had the opportunity to spend a little amount of time with entering a few things, and every time I do one thing, I am amazed how it is so incorporated throughout the program. This is truly more than we expected in the program and we are very excited to keep building it. In summary I would like to let you know we are very impressed and happy with everything.

Travis Ogg

Captain, Madrid Volunteer Fire Department, NE

The software’s been terrific – just what we need for our small department.

John Hupalo

Point O' Woods Fire Company, NY

By the way, your software is working well for us. I took some heat from some members, but recently when information was needed for a grant their attitude changed when with the push of a couple buttons, the information was available.

Paul Neske

1st Asst. Chief, Schenevus Fire Department, NY

I would just like to tell you guys that I love your software. My department (Ludington Fire Department) in Ludington, Michigan started using your software. The software is easy to use. Even for the non-computer users. All the information is right there, no need to search for it.

Brandon Coughlan

Firefighter, Ludington Fire Department, MI

Myself and one other guy have been working on setting the program up and we have both said multiple times that this has been the best thing that we have spent money on in a long time. We have used several other programs and this by far is the best and easiest to use program that we have used. Another plus is the low cost for initial start up and maintenance fees.

John Yarbrough

Prospect Hill Volunteer Fire Department, NC

I just wanted to let you know that I received the software and got it installed. I am very happy with what I purchased from your company. So far it has been very easy to use and submitting the reports was a breeze compared to my old software. I will surely pass the word around to all of the surrounding departments in the county to look into your company. Thanks again!!

Jason Porter

Chief, Scipio-Republic Fire, Republic, OH

If you’re looking for a comprehensive but very user friendly fire department management software, then I would absolutely recommend Fire Station Software. Whether you’re a large municipal department or a rural volunteer department, Fire Station Software will exceed your needs and provide you with instant reports, crew management, and most of all, peace of mind! I would endorse this product and recommend that it be used in every station across America!

Tim Granger

Asst. Chief, Henlawson Fire Department, WV

I wanted to take a minute to tell you that we absolutely love Firestation!

Bart Imhoff

Highland Volunteer Fire Department, WI

Thanks for all your support these last 3 years, I’m glad we chose your company, we simply cannot beat the customer support you offer.

Nick Sakon

Chief, A.C.W. -Unionville Fire Department, MI

We’re a rather small paid-on-call department in Southern Illinois. We made the switch from another program that worked very well because of their support costs. Fire Station is very affordable and does everything we need to do, and easier in some cases. If you’re considering a software package, try Fire Station. From my experiences, it works well, has great support and at an affordable cost. I won’t be switching back to the other guys soon.

Jack Boczak

Chief, Ashley Fire Protection District, IL

They do an apparatus check every time the truck leaves the station and they come back, so we do a lot of those, which is why we decided to go with your program. It has saved us almost $150 in paper alone, not including toner for printing out the sheets for all the trucks. It has really exceeded what we expected!!

Shane Helmer

Chief, CCEMT-P, Evart Area Fire Department, Evart MI

Your support goes beyond what I am used to receiving, you don’t know how helpful this is. I work a full time job, the fire department, and I am also a State Fire Instructor for Maine Fire Education, so available spare time is scarce, thanks again!!

Kim Tracy

Chief, Stetson Fire/Rescue Dept, Stetson ME

So far since we have purchased the program everything is going good. I’m taking my time getting everything entered into the system because over the years everyone that has been in charge of the record keeping has used a different method so its kind of tough getting it all compiled into 1 spot. The modules that I have gotten completely up and running are great and make my job 100 times easier.

Nathan Turner

Asst. Chief, Fair Oaks Volunteer Fire Department, PA

The software has been very well accepted by the staff who are working with it to date. I can’t say enough good about the program at this point.

James Belcher

Chief, Ghent Fire Department, WV

I LOVE the software!! It is very easy to use and you can’t beat the price with more features than the big name software!! Thanks Again

Jason Porter

Chief, Scipio-Republic Fire Department, OH

I have FINALLY had some free time to sit down and mess around with the program and still can’t get over how much better it is than other software programs which I had the misfortune of using for a couple of years!

Matt Hilger

Chief, David City Volunteer Fire Dept, David City NE

Just wanted to pass on to you how happy we are with the software package. It has been a big help to us in tracking all our calls and especially manhours.

Laurence Omland

Chief, Edgecomb Fire Department, ME

I would like to say how well this software has assisted bringing our department up to date. It is great for organizing and cutting down on all of the paperwork that previously had to be stored.

Brad Pressley

Assistant Chief, High Shoals Fire and Rescue, NC

The program has helped us tremendously in keeping our records straight. We are going for an ISO review in the next few months and anticipate this program helping out a lot.

Keith Gammel

Chief, Howe Fire Department, OK

We’ve been doing great things with Fire Station Software since we signed on in February, and we can’t express just how much we love this valuable tool that you’ve created!

Barry Schwab

Captain, Fairbury Rural Fire Department, NE