One of the most popular questions we receive about the software is how do you submit a NFIRS report?  Rest assured, accomplishing that task is very simple and easy.

  1. On the reports tab, click NFIRS 5.0 Report.
  2. Select the date range you want to use to collect the incidents.
  3. Create a new report using the supplied date range and save it locally either in the default path or a custom path.
  4. Then, open a browser and go to the NFIRS login page.
  5. Once logged in, there will be options to upload three files.
  6. For this example, only 1 file will be used.
  7. Navigate to the directory used to save the NFIRS 5.0 report and press import.
  8. The NFIRS website will immediately notify you whether the file was uploaded successfully and later send an email with the results.

Submitting NFIRS reports is just that easy.

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