Stage 1 – November 13th

Department Hub


  • Rebuilt the entire user interface to improve navigation and provide consistency across all apps going forward
  • Improved security for authentication and app access
  • Added improved user profile (FSSID) editing, and added ability to upload a profile photo
  • Added department switching option to the user menu to streamline multiple department management
  • Added dedicated app switcher and launcher to quickly switch between apps

Accept Invitation Page

  • Streamlined the invitation process for new members with an FSSID vs new members without one

Home Page

  • Added a new Home page to summarize the department’s status and configuration settings
  • Added ability to edit department information, including updating the department logo

License Page

  • Added new License page to view the current department license

Members Page

  • Added new standalone page for enhanced member searching
  • Added new member detail page with streamlined interface for common tasks (i.e. Send Password Reset, Remove Member, Update Permissions, Link Member to Fire Station Firefighter)

Invitations Page

  • Added a new standalone page for managing department invitations
  • All invitations are now visible, whether they are pending, expired or accepted
  • Invitations can now be resent and if they are expired, the expiration will be moved forward
  • Invitation can now be deleted before they are accepted

Fire Station+ App Compatibility

  • Updated Apparatus Checks authentication to use the new login user interface

Stage 2 – November 15th to December 15th

Department Hub

Fire Station Install Page

  • Added a new page to download the installer
  • Added installation and update instructions
  • Added a feature to email the installer to people
    • If they are not a member, they will be invited to the department
  • Added permissions for allowing members to install and register Fire Station on their devices

Fire Station Devices

  • Added a new page to look through registered devices for the department
  • Added a new page to manage the software and configuration settings for a single registered device

Fire Station Settings

  • Added a new page to view Fire Station configuration settings
  • Added a feature to allow department managers to disable automatic software updates and pick when to distribute the software changes
  • Added a feature to make policy changes (i.e. Enforce FSSID Sign In)
  • Added a feature to allow department managers to change which device is running notification services

Fire Station+ Settings

  • Added a new page to view Fire Station+ configuration settings
  • Added device and browser compatibility list for Fire Station+ apps

Fire Station Setup


  • Added new setup program for registering devices and installing Fire Station
  • Department files are now separated into individual folders to prevent issues with multiple department management

Register & Install Page

  • Can install updates directly from the Department Hub
  • Added screens to configure and test self-hosted database connection information
    • Can detect when settings are broken and need to be fixed
  • Streamlined controls for enabling the notification services on the device

Fire Station Desktop

Sign In Page

  • Added new sign in page that allows FSSID sign in
  • Added department switching page to streamline multiple department management
    • Added shortcuts to register the device for new departments and remove a registered device
  • Added Fire Station+ shortcuts to launch apps (i.e. Department Hub, Apparatus Checks)
    • The launcher will sign in with your currently selected department

Manage Personnel Page

  • Added new tab (FSSID) for admins to link firefighters to their FSSID in the Department Hub
  • Added shortcut to send department hub member invitations
    • Invitation is sent directly from Fire Station Desktop instead of going through the Department Hub

Home Page Menu

  • Made the “Check for Updates” feature always accessible in Fire Station Desktop in favor of disabling automatic updates in the Department Hub


  • Fixed expired license message so that it does not refer to non-demo licenses as demo licenses
  • Fixed issue where the Basic Module address was included in the NFIRS file when Wildland Fire Module address was present
  • When NFIRS file is generated, Human Factors Involved on the Fire Module now defaults to “N” when no option is selected
  • Fixed issue where Wildland Fire Property Ownership did not load selections correctly when editing
    • Fixed validation related to property ownership (NFIRS 5.0 Relational Edit 44)
  • Fixed issue where Mobile Property Involved dropdown was hidden by other form elements in the Fire Module
  • Fixed NFIRS Relational Edit 97 on the NFIRS-5 (Fire Service Casualty) module
  • When exporting NFIRS 5.0 reports with the NFIRS-4 (Civilian Casualty) module, when block M2 (General Location at Time of Injury) is set to “1 In area of origin” the NFIRS 5.0 report included “-1” in the Story At Start of Incident and Story When Injury Occurred fields of the Civilian Fire Casualty Transaction (Type 1400). This has been corrected to include blank values instead of “-1”.
  • Updated the layout of block F1, F2, and F3 of the NFIRS-2 (Fire) module to line up the fields
  • Updated block F1 (Equipment Involved in Ignition) of the NFIRS-2 (Fire) module to require “None” to be selected or an option to be selected
  • Updated block H1 (Mobile Property Involved) of the NFIRS-2 (Fire) module to require “None” to be selected or an option to be selected
  • Implemented validation on NFIRS-1 (Basic) module Person Involved and Owner that requires phone numbers to be at least 10 characters for departments using OFIRMS
  • Fixed NFIRS Relational Edit 17 on the NFIRS-9/10 (Personnel and Apparatus) module
  • Fixed NFIRS Relational Edit 142 on the NFIRS-11 (Arson) Juvenile Firesetter module
  • Fixed NFIRS Relational Edit 58 on the NFIRS-2 (Fire) module
  • Updated the NFIRS 5.0 Report to exclude NFIRS-4 (Civilian Casualty) transactions when the Incident Typer is greater than the 100 series, in accordance with NFIRS Relational Edit 35
  • When using OFIRMS, added additional validation for Human Factors Involved for Incident Type 140
  • Added validation rule to handle NFIRS Relational Edit 35 when using OFIRMS on the NFIRS-1 (Basic) Continued module’s civilian injury and death counts
  • Fixed issue where spaces in the training event type, subject or instructor could cause events to be hidden
  • Fixed an issue where updating was blocked when the license was expired
  • Updated the NFIRS report to generate dates/times (i.e. alarm time) with 00 for seconds if it is left blank in the form to avoid validation errors in OFIRMS
  • Fixed a bug where department logos were sometimes not display due to the app’s internal naming of the file
  • When using OFIRMS, added additional validation to not allow the arrival time for Incident Type 611
  • Fixed a bug in the Yearly training report where table headers on subsequent pages were not starting with the selected month
  • Fixed a bug where editing a training event could sometimes reset the event hours to 0

Stage 3 – January 5th – 11th

Apparatus Checks App (Fire Station+)


  • Refactored the entire user interface to bring it in line with the Department Hub
  • Improved the user experience when running the app on tablet devices

Apparatus Management Layout

  • Added layout to view all apparatus in a list and quickly switch between them
  • Apparatus check status is visible at all times
  • Added per-apparatus settings for days-between-checks to drive the status indicator
  • Added menu shortcuts to create new apparatus records

Apparatus Management – Check History Page

  • Added new page to view all checks for an apparatus
  • A new check can be quickly launched for an apparatus
  • A warning appears when a check is currently in progress for the apparatus

Apparatus Management – Checklist Page

  • Added new page to configure the apparatus checklist

Apparatus Management – Inventory

  • Added a new page to explore the compartment and item configuration for an apparatus
  • Added a new page to edit and sort compartments and items

Apparatus Management – Apparatus Details

  • Added a new page to edit apparatus details
  • A picture of the apparatus can be uploaded and viewed in-app
  • Apparatus can now be removed from the app

Apparatus Checks Page

  • Streamlined the check process
  • Added support for viewing compartment and item photos during checks
  • Added better control for editing and deleting all apparatus problems on a single page
  • Streamlined the check assignment and participation controls
  • If a non-assigned member participates in the check, they will automatically be included on the participation screen