Get Started With Fire Station Software


Fire Station Software starts with an affordable upfront fee of $399 + $55 per module. Get only the modules you need – they are easy to add later. Yearly maintenance fees are about 15% of your purchase price – ranging from $68 to $184 per year. Add $240 each year if we host your data – which makes life easier for you and for us. Don’t burn your budget – compare that to the thousands of $$ others would charge you each year!

Easy To Use

Fire Station Software allows you to transition to a computerized record keeping system that is intuitive and easy to use without extensive training. All your department’s information is quickly accessible at the click of a button. We make NFIRS reporting much simpler than paper reporting. Ask us about importing your data from other systems.  We are here to help if you have any questions or issues.


Fire Station Software costs less than other solutions, but still provides the power to keep all of your records in one place. It also gives you the power, among other things, to stay on top of expiration dates, track problems with your apparatus, retrieve training records for an individual, and see who’s making calls. Fire Station Software can even help lower your ISO rating.



The easiest way to submit your incident reports.


Have your reports ready before the auditors come to you.


And so much more… check out all the different modules here.

Get Started Now

Give us a call at 888-809-2673 or click HERE to review the available modules.  Once you know what modules you will start with, we will guide you over to the Get a Quote page.

Here is the process to get started:

  • Ask us any questions so we can best guide you
  • Read through the modules and decide what to start with
  • Request a quote to get approval from your department
  • Once you are ready, pay the invoice and get us your existing information
  • We will get it all set up and installed for you, and you are ready to go.

It’s that easy!