The Department Hub is a central app where all features and configurations licensed to your department can be found.  Your FSSID is how you sign in to the Department Hub. Here are some additional advantages of the Department Hub and FSSID.

Single Sign-on to All Apps

Your FSSID is the only set of credentials you will need to access Fire Station Software products and services. If you work with multiple departments, each one will be linked to your FSSID.

Software and User Management

With the introduction of the Department Hub, you will now have improved control over managing department users and their access to new mobile and web applications. Additionally, the distribution of desktop app software will be streamlined, ensuring ease of use and quick updates.

Preview of the Fall 2023 changes to the Department Hub

App Launcher for Web Apps

Preview of the Fall 2023 changes to the App Launcher

The Fire Station Software Hub will also include an app launcher for all web applications, providing a convenient and unified access point for all your software needs.

Licensing Server

Say goodbye to yearly license mailings! The Fall 2023 updates will bring big changes to licensing. The new Licensing Server will automatically handle license renewals, ensuring a hassle-free process.

Backup Access

Although the backup feature is not yet built, we are actively working on it. The Department Hub will allow you to access backups, providing an extra layer of security and peace of mind.